Advanced Engineering GmbH in Austria
Advanced Engineering GmbH in Austria

Advanced Engineering – Global Technology Leader for Innovative Solutions for the PCB Industry

Advanced Engineering has developed solutions for the printed circuit board (PCB) industry since 1989. Beginning with initial prototype construction, a company has developed that provides new solutions to support the requirements of automated circuit board production. Today, Advanced Engineering is a technological leader with a team of experts and partners from a wide range of areas.

From problem to solution

International technology companies view Advanced Engineering as a respected partner for problem solving in the electronics industry’s increasingly complex area of production. After nearly 30 years of experience, this company understands the requirements for the production processes in this dynamic, innovation-driven industry.

The path to serial production of standardized systems

The industry is facing the challenge of making complex production processes flexible.
One response to this is the collaborative robot system SERVANT: this patented robotic system forms the core of Advanced Engineering’s automation solutions.
Thanks to its modular design, this system is also capable of meeting all future market requirements.

Advanced Engineering GmbH milestones

1989 Company is founded as a development office

1992 First development contracts for the electronics industry

1997 Company becomes a GmbH (limited liability company)

1997 Introduction of the first PeelMaster in Japan

2000 Relocation to the new premises in Hallein near Salzburg, Austria

2004 Delivery of the first robot system

2010 Introduction of the first Compact Desk Top Automation system

2014 Introduction of the first SERVANT robotic system in Korea

2015 Introduction of the External Desk Top Automation system

2016 Start of industrial manufacturing of standardized products

Our vision: “Mission to lead”

Our unconditional aspiration is technological leadership.
From the initial concept and its development through to production – all of our solutions follow the “KISS” principle – keep it simple, stupid.

In doing so we enable customers to successfully operate in the complex, rapidly changing PCB market. Many of the technologies we have developed over the past three decades have become global standards.
That means: “Mission to lead”.

We are Advanced Engineering

Josef Moser

CEO, Sales worldwide

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Office Management

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Wilhelmus Hellenbrand
Annette Amrusch

Spare part management

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