AE introduces new loader & unloader: MOJO 301

Introducing our newest loader&unloader, based off of modifications and improvements from former modules.

We have been putting our 30 years of experience to work: built on existing concepts, the MOJO301 is officially the newest addition to the Advanced Engineering family.


„This automation not only has all mechanics on the ground, making maintenance much easier, but is also completely enclosed, preventing any dust from entering and upping our safety measures. ”

The robotic arms have been completely rethought and updated: arms are not only longer, for a higher reach, but also servo-driven on each axis for more dynamics. An absolute encoder has been integrated for a more accurate positioning and brakes are each axis.


  • Two magazines (L-rack or flat-try)

  • Protective enclosure & automatic doors

  • Format: 300x300mm up to 635x635mm

  • Size: 2200x1879x2299mm

  • Up to 6kg mechanical clamp

  • State-of-the-art sensor technology

  • Camera in roller conveyer

  • ID reading


„As per usual for Advanced Engineering standards, both the footprint and the power consumption will be minimal.”

We have truly updated and improved all features and are proud to say that we have achieved even more than the current market standard.

A variety of optional modules are also available – make sure to check out our product overview for more details!