Line Controller developed in-house

All you need and want to know about our NEW in-house developed scada system.

Our thirty plus years of experience in the PCB industry has led us to not only understand hard- but also software. Therefore, we have made it our mission to develop our own piece of enhanced Scada software in-house.


„The LineController allows not only the control, but also the monitoring and data acquisition of production lines, ultimately filling the gap between automated machinery and an ERP or MES system."

This software can be incorporated as a standalone solution or directly on a server. It runs fully from one central control hub, allowing you to not only monitor but also to run the complete process from a single point. The touch-screen user interface is both web-based and highly responsive; it displays a detailed overview of each machine in the production line, including their status, errors, PCB formats, and much more.


A variety of machines from various manufacturers can be directly linked to the “Line Controller” – this includes, amongst others, most LDI’s, AOI’s, INKJETS’s, Loaders&Unloaders, buffer systems, and DES & SES lines.

This setup, for example, shows a DES line supported by an automation for loading&unloading at three different positions.

The interface allows the user to choose if a panel is sent through the entire process, (break) only sent through the Developer, (break) or even loaded at a later point and only sent through the Etching and Stripping module.

Operational mode on

„Three different operational modes are offered – automatic, legacy, and manual. ”

Regardless of the mode, information is pulled directly from the ERP or MES system; each panel is scanned, identified, and sent through the corresponding process. This workflow allows for traceability as well as the setup of complex mechanisms with diverse actions and outcomes.

caught your interest?

We at Advanced Engineering offer the LineController as four diverse solutions:

1) for LDI,AOI & INKJET systems

2) for SES/DES lines

3) for Galvanic systems

4) for inner layer procedures.

There are also a variety of module extensions available.

Find out more details under our solutions overview page!